von Bert

Da wird also heute niemand darum rumkommen. Irischen Whiskey und gebratene Nierchen (oder andere Innereien). Für die Nicht-Joycianer sollte es dann zumindest also schon Tee und ein Gorgonzola-Sandwich sein.

Have you a cheese sandwich?

—Yes, sir.

Like a few olives too if they had them. Italian I prefer. Good glass of burgundy take away that. Lubricate. A nice salad, cool as a cucumber, Tom Kernan can dress. Puts gusto into it. Pure olive oil. Milly served me that cutlet with a sprig of parsley. Take one Spanish onion. God made food, the devil the cooks. Devilled crab.

—Wife well?

—Quite well, thanks … A cheese sandwich, then. Gorgonzola, have you?—Yes, sir.


-Mustard, sir?

-Thank you.

He studded under each lifted strip yellow blobs.Their lives. I have it. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger.

Mr Bloom ate his strips of sandwich, fresh clean bread, with relish of disgust, pungent mustard, the feety savour of green cheese. Sips of his wine soothed his palate. Not logwood that. Tastes fuller this weather with the chill off.

Habe ich eigentlich schon erwähnt, dass die Lektüre des Ulysses ein ‚muss‘ ist. Ich helf‘ auch gerne.